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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Meeting, eating habits, and other musings.

I was in Indianapolis yesterday for the INCOLSA Board annual meeting. I have been appointed to be our library's board representative. For the most part, it was what I expected of a board meeting. Secretary's report, treasurer's report, approving next year's budget, etc.

The report on the Digital Summit, however, had me bored to tears. Normally, I really enjoy hearing about technology and new things going on, but I really have no interest whatsoever in digitization. So, I was thinking about some things that I would blog about while the speaking was droning on (think Charlie Brown's teacher). But, of course I didn't write them down, and now I can't remember it all. Oh well.

I made an intersting self-observation yesterday. I realized sitting at lunch at the meeting yesterday that I have this habit of eating all of one food before I start eating the other foods on my plate. I ate all of my salad first, then I ate all of my mixed vegetables, then all the potatoes, then I ate the lasagna. So, I wondered if I always do this, or just sometimes. I came to the conclusion that when I'm eating with people I know and comfortable with, I eat a little bit of this, and then a little bit of that. And when I'm in a group where I don't really know anyone, I eat all of one thing before I start on another thing. Weird, huh?

I got really fired up the other day. I went to the drycleaners to pick some things up and drop some other things off and the workers were smoking. I saw red and asked to speak to a manager. I told him that I didn't pay them to make my clothes smell like smoke. Basically, all he said was we'll try better. I was so mad when I left that I was shaking. Needless to say, I'm never going there again!


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