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Monday, May 09, 2005

Mother's Day Banquet Update

Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted anything.

Last Thursday the ladies at church had our annual Mother-Daughter Banquet. It was actually pretty fun this year for a change. (I have to admit that for the past couple of years, the theme has been pretty dumb. For instance, the mother-daughter sleepover at the church. I boycotted that one, by the way.)

Anyway, we had a mother-daughter look alike contest. I still think we were ripped off. We didn't win and I know that Mom, Becky and I looked the most alike since we were wearing masks made from a picture of Mom. If I can get ahold of the picture, I'll post it. It's so funny! I happen to think that people in my family have the best sense of humor. We are absolutely hilarious. Although, sometimes I think that we think we are funnier than other people think we are. But, I suppose that's half the fun! I feel sorry for people who are only children. They don't have any idea what they are missing in life. I also feel sorry for people who don't have a sense of humor. How boring life must be for them.

Then, we had a makeup demonstration. Becky was the makeup consultant showing the ladies how to apply their makeup flawlessly. However, I was hidden under her cape and I was the one applying makeup to her. So, it was pretty funny because she was covered in eyeshadow and lipstick by the time I was finished. The really funny part was that about half way through, one of the older ladies in the audience said "I think there's somebody else under there." Gee, do you think so?!

We had a really good speaker for the evening. It was Kim Musgrave, wife of the evangelist who's been at our church for revival several times. She has a beautiful voice and she writes songs. I'm blown away by the gift of songwriting that God has given her. What a wonderful talent! I love her songs because they tell stories. They're always about something that happened in her life, something real. And then she makes the connection between what has happened and what God is trying to say through her. I'm always just amazed.


Blogger Em said...

That's really funny! The picture is a great idea. We don't really do mother-daughter stuff like that at Silverdale. I agree with you that our family is the funniest. I've always thought that, and I guess the reason we might be funnier to ourselves than others is because of inside jokes and our individual nuances that we know so well. Did I use "nuances" correctly? Sometimes I find myself saying something (or laughing at something) that would I know you guys would have funny, but the people I'm with don't get the funniness of it, and I think "Ok, well I feel stupid right now, but Becky or Winnie would have laughed." I want to have a lot of kids because I want them to turn out like our family.

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