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Monday, August 22, 2005

Sadness and Hope

I found out on Friday that my friend's sister died. She was 34. She had cancer. The family are unbelievers. It is unspeakably sad.

I've experienced a lot of death and been to many funerals. But, all of them have been, in a way, a celebration. Because they are now in the presence of the Lord. Where I want to be. But, this is so different from anything I've ever experienced. What do you say to a person who doesn't believe? Is there any comfort that can be given?

When a Christian dies, you can say to the family that they are in Heaven. If the family are believers, they can take comfort in knowing that they will someday be with their loved ones again. But, when it's the other way around, it's just a terrible feeling of hopelessness.

And yet, as a believer, I can still have hope. I hope that somehow before she passed away, she accepted Christ. I hope that somehow through this situation, God can draw the rest of the family to Himself. I hope that I can be motivated by this to be a better witness. My hope is in the Lord.


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