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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Just when I was getting used to being in my 30s

Sometimes I find it very strange the changes my body goes through as I get older. I'm getting used to being in my 30s, not that I consider myself to be old by any stretch of the imagination. I'm noticing more gray hairs popping up. They seem to be mostly in the same place - right on the top of my head. Last week I was thinking how cool it would be if I just got a streak of gray. That would be neat. But, today I don't know.

This summer I went to a dermatologist who diagnosed me with rosacea. She gave me a prescription and we made an appointment for me to come back in a year for a follow up. She told me that if I don't see improvement though to not wait for a year. I finally got so frustrated with my skin problem this week that I made an appointment to go in to see her. I went yesterday and we talked about some other treatments I could try. So, I came home with a new prescription and the hope that maybe someday I could have nice skin.

I dropped my prescription off at the pharmacy and told them I would be back later. When I went back later, they told they didn't have what I needed in stock and would have it the next day. So, today the pharmacy called. They informed me that my insurance won't pay for my prescription because there is an age limit of 30 years maximum. "What does that mean? That I can't get this prescription because I'm over 30?!" Yes, ma'am, that's correct. I am now officially too old to get medicine! (At least without paying an arm and a leg.)

What is this world coming to?! So, now I had to have a long conversation with the insurance company to find out if this age discrimination could possibly be true. Getting old really stinks.