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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Continuous Partial Attention and more conference thoughts

One of the concepts that I first heard about at the Internet Librarian Conference this past fall and heard more about at the SirsiDynix Conference last week was continuous partial attention. Basically it's that kids are so used to doing many things at once that they pay partial attention to lots of differnet things at the same time.

So, on Sunday as I was walking from my hotel room to the conference center I thought about getting my iPod out and listening as I walked. It's really not that far - maybe a 5 minute walk at the most. I decided that for that amount of time, I could manage to walk without music. I've noticed other people though who are always plugged in; at every available moment. This made me think about the concept of being unplugged and continuous partial attention. I was also pondering the need for alone time or quiet time. Is this just my personality or is it an age thing? I don't know. Sometimes, it's just nice to be alone with my own thoughts (even in a crowd.)

So, later that day in between sessions I was was listening to my iPod and pondering being unplugged. And I had these thoughts:
Either as I'm getting older or maturing in my faith, I have learned to be careful about the things that I put into my mind. In deciding whether or not to listen to my iPod- I decided to listen to Selah because I thought it would be a good way to redeem the time between sessions. Their music is uplifting and I can use it as a way to renew my mind and reflect on the Lord and praise Him - particularly today when I can't be in church. Music is such a powerful thing - to uplift and encourage and comfort.


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